About Me

(in about 649 words)


こんにちは! 👋 I'm an AI Enthusiast who seeks to solve unresolved problems around me using AI and Robotics. Deeply honoured to be selected as a Japanese Government MEXT Scholar recipient - I'm pursuing my Masters in Information Science & Technology at Japan's No. 1 University - The University of Tokyo - 東京大学.

I'm currently a member of Kawashima-Miyazaki Laboratory at Department of Information Physics and Computing. In the past, I have worked as an AI researcher at Samsung and as a Software Dev at Informatica. I graduated from my Bachelor's as the Best Outgoing Student in Electronics and Communiation at REVA University.

I have a keen interest in the field of Robotics, Electronics and Computer Science. Deeply focused on utilizing the best these fields can offer. Efficient, organized and Quick learner with fast reflexes to learn any new concepts that are required.

Well versed in various fields such as Python, C/C++, Android Development, HTML, Piano Playing, Java, and ANSYS. Multilingual - Learning Japanese (N3)


At UTokyo, I'm trying to push through the boundaries of Medical Robotics through my current research on Surgical Robotics and Computer Vision for Robot Autonomy.

As a team leader, contributor, and dedicated developer, I'm always looking for new challenges and ways to have fun while learning.

Some history

  • My journey began when I was four years old. I used to roam around my father's work Garage and try to build something with the tools there.

  • My first proud discovery was that fans can run and bulbs can glow if connected to batteries. At first, I thought that they were magical devices.

  • Percy Jackson was one of my favourite books back then. I would have probably read each book a dozen times.

  • At 7, I traded my favourite remote controlled car with my cousin for a CD containing Harry Potter games.

  • I started playing playing piano at 8. I always used to look forward for the weekend classes.

  • I have drowned countless times while trying to practice swimming.

  • When our house got it's first internet connection, the first thing I did was create an email ID. I used to think it was illegal for a kid to have one and keep my ID a secret.

  • At 15, I built my first software (sort of) for a school project using Java. Turns out, I did a pretty good job at it.

  • At 16, I performed with a band on-stage at a huge fest for the first time.

  • At 19, I got my first Internship as a Robotics Intern at Drona Automations. I also wrote my first Research Paper under my professor Dr. Riyaz.

  • At 20, I became the GDSC (Google Student Developer Club) Lead. I go on to lead and manage four different clubs in my University.

  • At 21, I got my first International Patent granted. I also become a Google Certified Tensorflow Developer

  • At 22, I graduated as the Best Outgoing student from REVA University. I cleared my admissions to join UTokyo as a masters student with MEXT Scholarship! One step closer to achieving my dreams.

  • At 23, I got to work at one of the best companies in the world - Samsung Research. Took my first International flight to the Land of the Rising Sun 🗾

  • I am a bit lazy, but I will try to add more soon here.

Ask me in person for other stories that I'm afraid to share with the internet.

I like

  • Fictional Books
  • Piano
  • Space
  • Anime
  • Winter
  • Nature
  • Last but not the least, sleep 💤

I dream of

  • living in Japan (✅)
  • having a pet
  • developing something that's actually useful
  • you

A brief list of people who have inspired me

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